Week Two (Spring 2019)

Week two already, and since we have a mix, with some who have done Code Club before and some who are new, here is a choice of things to do:

If you are doing Scratch, here is a link to the website that will open in a new tab. If you can’t remember your login I have details of the club ones you can use.


You can either carry on with the Lost in Space project if you didn’t finish last week:


Or you you can try a Boat Race one, which is hopefully something different to what you are doing with Scratch in class:


For those who are familiar with Scratch already from Code Club, you can try a Micro:bit Rock, Paper, Scissors project. No need for Scratch, but it does look fairly similar. Once you have got it working and tested on the computer I have some Micro:bits you can try downloading it onto:


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