Week Six (Spring 2019)

This week I’m going to make a few suggestion for ways you can modify some of our previous projects.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – The Next Generation

The first one is for the Rock, Paper, Scissors project. It was written using an older version of the Micro:bit Blocks Editor. Some of the blocks have changed in the new one, so can you use the instructions (below), but actually write the project in the new editor? What has changed?

Rock, Paper, Scissors project: https://codeclub.aptanet.org/2018/02/rock-paper-scissors-microbit/

New Micro:bit Block Editor: http://jumpto.cc/pxt-new

Random Number Sender – With Messages

The second one is for the Random Number Sender project. The original generates a random number and sends it to another Micro:bit, so can you adapt it to send a message? Hint: you don’t need to generate a number, and instead of using a number you are sending a string of characters.

Random Number Sender project: https://codeclub.aptanet.org/2019/01/random-number-sender/

New Micro:bit Block Editor: http://jumpto.cc/pxt-new

Create an Animated Story

Use Scratch to create and animated story, a bit like a cartoon perhaps. You could make the sprites move around and use say to get them to talk to each other with speech bubbles. This one isn’t as much modifying a previous project, but you might find some useful hints in the Chatbot project.

Scratch website: https://scratch.mit.edu/

If you need any of the previous weeks links they are still available on each weeks page.

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