Week Four (Spring 2019)

Here are the links for this week. As ever, if you are still exploring or extending a previous weeks project feel free.

We have some Micro:bits available to test the following projects on once you have got them working in the online editor.

Rock, Paper, Scissors


Note that this project uses the old Micro:bit block editor. See if you can work out how to adapt it to the new one.

Once you have completed the Random Number Sender below you could also adapt this one to play against another Micro:bit by sending messages between them.

Random Number Sender


You will need to work in pairs for this one, with two Micro:bits.

Can you adapt the project to work with more Micro:bits and send the number to a random one?

For those sticking with Scratch:

If you are doing Scratch, here is a link to the website that will open in a new tab. If you can’t remember your login I have details of the club ones you can use.


Here is a link to the Boat Race project:


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