Week Four

Welcome to week four. Who knew Raspberry Pis were so picky? This week it doesn’t want to wear its Unicorn Hat, and has bent a couple of pins (all will make sense in time!).

This week you have an extra choice, you can either keep working on your Scratch projects or try some HTML and CSS. Remember your login from last week (if you don’t have your own) as you can use the same details for the new projects on Trinket.io. Start with the first one and work from there:

Important point: Don’t put any personal details in your web pages – remember your e-safety.

HTML/CSS project links:

Scratch project links:

You will need to login to Scratch here to get back to your saved project:

Some quick tips if you are stuck:

  • Everything is colour coded to help you find things
  • The numbers can be changed
  • A little down arrow at the end means there is a menu of items to choose from
  • With the Dodgeball project; don’t look for the coloured dots, create your own
  • With your first save you may need to use the ‘Remix’ button at the top right

If you want to play with Scratch at home, remember this link and your Scratch login details.

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